Feeding Healthy Futures

Feeding Healthy Futures is a healthy eating group program for expectant or soon-to-be parents, designed to support parents and their children achieve their best health over the child’s first 1000 days.

Feeding Healthy Futures provides information and assistance for parents to help their children develop lifelong healthy eating habits.

Facilitated by Accredited Practising Dietitians, Feeding Healthy Futures provides evidence-based information to help you navigate your child’s food and nutrition needs during the three most crucial stages of their first 1000 days.

Group engagement sessions

At each stage of your child’s development you’ll take part in three separate 3-week face-to-face group sessions lasting 60 minutes per session.

Stage one – nutrition in pregnancy

Starting in your second trimester, you will join a supportive peer group to receive practical strategies and nutrition information to support you through your pregnancy and post-partum period. Your group will meet weekly for three weeks at selected libraries across the ACT for an evening session.

If you missed the pregnancy sessions, download the free booklet here.

Stage two – introducing solids

As your child reaches 3-5months, we’ll re-join your groups to discuss all your questions about starting solids. We will cover how, when, and what foods, as well as hot topics like allergies and responsive feeding practices.

If you missed the Introducing Solids sessions, download the free booklet here.

Stage three – transition to family food

As your child transitions into early toddlerhood, we will regroup one last time to talk all things food and feeding, building the foundation for ongoing positive relationships with food.

For your participation in all stages of the in Feeding Healthy Futures program, you will receive:

Want to learn more? Listen to our ABC Canberra radio interview with Executive Officer Leanne Elliston.

ABC Canberra Radio “Afternoons with Georgia Stynes” 23.2.23
Upcoming programs – Transitioning to Family Foods

Our third phase of Feeding Healthy Futures is due to commence in August 2024 where will be sharing the joys of eating family foods together and managing emerging fussy eating behaviours.

Click on the following to learn more about our upcoming sessions:

Participant information details

Please click here to learn more about the Feeding Healthy Futures program and your involvement.

Your consent in taking part in this program is required on the booking page.

Feeding Healthy Futures is supported by the ACT Government under the ACT Health Promotion Grants Program. 

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