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Mix ‘n’ match lunchboxes

When packing a healthy lunchbox, mix nmatch a variety of foods from each of the five food groups.

1. Grain foods 

Grain foods such as bread, wraps, crispbread, pasta, noodles, rice, couscous and quinoa are good sources of carbohydrate and fibre. Wholegrain varieties are the best choices and provide kids with the energy to learn and play.

2. Vegetables

Vegies are a lunchbox must and provide filling fibre and essential nutrients. Include different coloured vegetables and make them easy to eat by cutting them into bite-d pieces for smaller appetites. 

3. Fruit

Fruit break is common in many schools across the ACT. Choose in season fruits or pureed or canned varieties in natural juice.

4. Milk, yoghurt and cheese

Dairy foods and alternatives such as soy milk provide calcium for bone development and also good sources of protein. Reduced fat varieties are best. 

5. Meat and alternatives

Lean meats and alternatives such as roast meats, chicken, canned tuna, boiled eggs, tofu and legumes are good sources of protein to support growth and development. 

And don’t forget to pack a water bottle!

Grain foodsVegetablesFruitMilk, yoghurt and cheeseMeat and alternatives

Wholemeal, multigrain and
high fibre white breads and rolls

Wraps and pita pockets

Focaccias and Turkish bread

Fruit bread

English muffin

Pasta, noodles and rice

Quinoa and cous cous

Crispbreads and corn cakes

Wholegrain crackers



Cherry tomatoes

Celery, capsicum, cucumber
or carrot sticks

Corn cob and baby corn spears

Air popped popcorn

Green beans, snow peas
and sugar snap peas

Mixed lettuce

Leftover cooked vegetables

Lentils, chickpeas and kidney beans


Try serving crunchy vegies
with hummus, tzatziki or salsa

Fresh fruit

Frozen fruit

Tub of diced fruit (in juice)

Fruit puree

Sultanas, apricots or other dried fruits

Fruit salad


Cheese stick, slices or cubes


Tetra pack of milk, flavoured
or plain

Calcium fortified soy or
other plant based milks


Choose reduced fat varieties

Lean chicken, beef, lamb, pork or turkey

Hardboiled eggs

Canned tuna or salmon in spring water

Lentils, chickpeas and
kidney beans

Baked beans

Falafel balls

Tofu cubes

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