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Healthy hacks for teens

Good nutrition is essential at all ages, especially for growing teenagers. Check out our hacks to help you feel better, improve your skin health and even save you some money!

-Start some healthy habits

Plan your meal times

Develop a routine so you don’t miss a meal. Make sure you have some ideas for main meals and snacks. This will help keep your energy up.

Pack a snack!

Get into the habit of taking snacks with you. This could vbe some fruit, baby veg or a handful of nuts. This will also save you $$ when you’re out.

-Portion your plate

Use this 1,2,3 hack to balance your main meals:

1) Half colourful veggies or fruit

2) Quarter high-fibre carbs

3) Quarter lean protein

This might look like a steak and salad sandwich, a tofu and veg stir fry or a chicken veggie pasta. Check out our recipes for some more ideas!

-Be swap savvy

Make some simple swaps in your day. Here are our favourite ones:

Swap out butter for avocado, nut spreads or a plant-based margarine

Swap out salt and flavour your food with garlic, herbs, spices, chilli or pepper

Swap out white bread and wraps for grainy or high-fibre options

-Hydrate right

Soft drinks, sports drinks and energy drinks are packed with sugar! These drinks may give you a short boost of energy, followed by a crash.

Feel better by choosing water or milk – your teeth and wallet will thank you

-Know the facts

✓You can save money by eating healthier

✓ Healthier options can be just as tasty

✓Fast food isn’t always faster – pre-packed snacks are a quick option

✓You do not have to take an ‘all or nothing’ approach to healthy eating. Moderation is key.

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