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Food safety when shopping

Food poisoning is caused by bacteria and occurs when food has not been properly handled, stored or cooked. When shopping, it’s important to keep the temperature of your food within a safe range.

Just by being a savvy shopper, you can ensure that your food makes it safely from supermarket to home, without the addition of any hidden nasties!

Safe Shopping

 – Place frozen or chilled foods in your trolley last – start with the non-food aisles first, then the non-refrigerated drinks and dry goods, then refrigerated meats and ready-to-eat foods, and finally the frozen foods and hot food sections.

– Keep hot foods, like cooked chicken, away from cold foods in your trolley

– Keep raw meats away from other foods, as they may leak

– Never buy products past their used-by date, or damaged products, such as ripped bags and dented cans, and bruised fruit and vegetables.

– At the check-out, make sure the sales assistant places raw meats in a separate bag and keeps chilled foods together – cold with cold and hot with hot.

 *The older the food, the more chance there is for microbes to grow and reach harmful levels.

Transporting Food Home

– Turn up the air-conditioner, or wind down the windows and place packed food out of direct sunlight

– Take an Esky or insulated bag to store cold foods, if travelling more than 30 minutes from the shops, or on hot days

– Try not to leave your groceries sitting in a hot car while you go off and run other errands

– Place chilled or frozen foods in the fridge or freezer as soon as you arrive home

 *The temperature in your car can get as hot as 40’C and higher, on those hot summer days.

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