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Canteen Day Resources

ACT Nutrition Support Service » Services » Schools » Canteen Day Resources

Canteen Day Resources

Canteens contribute to a healthy food environment for our children at school. Don't forget to celebrate your canteen staff and volunteers this Canteen Day, Friday 5 November 2021

Social media tiles

We have created a range of social media tiles for you to share on your school social media pages on Canteen Day to make your canteen staff and volunteers feel valued and appreciated. Make sure you use the hashtag #CanteenDayACT so we can see your posts! See links below to download.


Social Media Tile - Reminder

Social Media Tile - Petals

Social Media Tile - Berry

Social Media Tile - Thank you

Social Media Tile - Get to know our canteen manager

Social Media Tile - Poem

Social Media Tile - A big thank you

Social Media Tile - Sandwiches

Newsletter template

Use this template to create a newsletter segment for Canteen Day.

Canteen Day - 5 November 2021

The daily efforts of our canteen staff and the many volunteers who support our students and our school have been tremendous this year. 

We should remember to say please and thank you every day, but on Canteen Day, Friday 5 November, we will say a very special thank you to this wonderful team. Our canteen provides a great service to fuel our students study and play.

We don’t take their hard work for granted, so thank you and Happy Canteen Day!


Classroom resources

Get the students involved this Canteen Day! We have created two worksheets that you might like to use to show the canteen staff and volunteers how much they are adored by the students. 

Worksheet 1: Spot the difference

Worksheet 2: Colouring in


Hang this poster around the school so everyone knows that it is Canteen Day.

Download the 2021 Canteen Day Poster Print


Do you want to learn more?

Read Nutrition Australia's blog post and media release for more information on Canteen Day.