ACT Nutrition Support Service » Quick and easy snacks to GREEN up your menu

Quick and easy snacks to GREEN up your menu

ACT Nutrition Support Service » Quick and easy snacks to GREEN up your menu

Quick and easy snacks to GREEN up your menu

Are you looking for some quick and easy snacks ideas to GREEN up your menu? Try these GREEN snack ideas the kids love!

  1. Crunchies (courtesy of Ainslie Primary School)
    Place some GREEN cereal bites in a snap lock bag for a crunchie snack. Just check the Nutrition Information Panel meets the Healthier Choice criteria on page 13 here.

  2. Yoghurt cups
    Reduced fat flavoured or plain yoghurt tubs are simple, delicious and require no preparation.

  3. Custard cups
    Decant reduced fat custard into small cups. Try adding fresh, canned or frozen fruit for variety.

  4. Humpty dumpty
    A boiled egg, simple and nutritious!

  5. Apple slinky
    Use a slinky machine to jazz up an apple.

  6. UFO (courtesy of Florey Primary School)
    Freeze canned pineapple rings for a refreshing snack; choose fruit canned in juice not syrup.

  7. Corn wheels
    Steam or microwave frozen corncobs for a colourful juicy snack.

  8. Popcorn
    Place plain air popped popcorn in a snap lock bag.

  9. Raisin bread
    Try serving raisin bread or raisin toast. If you choose to add margarine, ensure it is spread thinly.

  10. Bunny bag (courtesy of Arawang Primary School)
    Cut up crunchy carrot and celery sticks and place in a snap lock bag. Tip: ask the school community to donate carrot and celery to keep the cost low.

  11. Cheesy moon
    Melt reduced fat cheese on an English muffin or whole grain bread

  12. Mr Bean melt
    Place baked beans on an English muffin half and top with reduced fat cheese.

  13. Bananas in pyjamas
    Cut bananas in half and dip in reduced fat plain or flavoured yoghurt and freeze. Try serving on a paddle pop stick or in a snap lock bag.

  14. Cheesy garlic bread
    Spread minced garlic over wholemeal bread and sprinkle with reduced fat cheese.

  15. Apple jaffles
    A toasted sandwich with a sweet twist. Fill two pieces of raisin bread with a tablespoon of canned apple and a teaspoon reduced fat custard.

  16. Watermelon pops
    Cut watermelon into triangles and serve on a paddle pop stick

  17. Mini pizza wheel (Adapted from Garran primary school)
    Spread no added salt tomato paste on an English muffin half, top with pineapple pieces and reduced fat cheese. Try other vegetables or fresh chicken for different GREEN pizza varieties.

  18. Pikelets
    You can cook your own or purchase plain pikelets from the supermarket – they are both GREEN.
  19. Frozen milk cup – reduced fat flavoured milk
    Pour reduced fat flavoured milk into a small cup, freeze and serve with a spoon for an icy treat.

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