It is important to keep hydrated all year round with our number one drink - water! Drinking water can be challenging if you aren’t in the habit. Here’s why it is important and our tips to kick start the healthy habit of drinking enough water.

Why is water so important?

  • maintains body temperature helps our digestive system to digest food.
  • our brain relies on water to concentrate and think.

Choose water as your number one drink to stay hydrated.

Remember to limit drinks with added sugars, such as soft drinks, cordial, energy drinks and sports drinks.

How much water should I be drinking to keep hydrated?

The amount of water we need to drink varies as we age and also depends on other factors such as physical activity and weather.

The best way to tell if you are drinking enough water is to check the colour of your wee. Clear or pale straw colour is what you are aiming for.

Use this wee chart as a guide – if your wee matches 1 to 3 you are well hydrated. If your wee matches the other numbers, you could be dehydrated.  

What may occur if I am not drinking enough water?

  • reduced physical and mental performance
  • increase risk of kidney stones
  • increase risk of urinary tract infection

Tips to boost your hydration

  • water should be your number one drink as it hydrates our body the best.
  • Carry a refillable water bottle whenever you are out and about.
  • Brighten up plain or fizzy water with your choice of lemon, mint, strawberries or blueberries.
Top tip: aim to have a glass of water with each meal every day.

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