Healthier takeaways

Healthier takeaways

Takeaway is often higher in kilojoules, saturated fat, sugar and sodium than homemade equivalents, making them a less healthy choice. If you choose to enjoy a takeaway meal on occasion, follow the tips below to make a healthier choice.

Takeaway store - 

Steak sandwich served with salad

Grilled chicken burger served with salad 

Lean beef burger served with salad

BBQ chicken skin removed, served with salad

Grilled fish with salad served with salad

Avoid battered or deep fried foods and limit use of gravy or creamy sauces

Asian food -

Mixed vegetable dishes

Stir fries with lean meat, fish or seafood and extra vegetables   

Steamed rice

Rice paper rolls

Sushi and sashimi, add edamame on the side

Limit deep fried meats, fried noodles and dishes based on coconut cream/milk


Tomato based pasta dishes   

Thin base pizza served with salad

Limit processed meats such as salami, sausages and pepperoni


Refried beans

Soft taco/burrito with lots of salad and a small portion of lean meat, chicken or fish 

Rice and vegetable based meals

Limit sour cream, creamy sauces, guacamole and corn chips

Lebanese / Greek

Small kebab 

Tabouli, hummus and tzatziki are better choice ‘extras’  

Avoid large kebabs with lots of meat filling and limit use of creamy sauces

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