Breakfast on the go

Breakfast on the go

You know the feeling – you are running out the door in the morning. You need to eat but time is short. Skip breakfast and by mid-morning you will be starving and more likely to reach for a quick sugar hit. Not good.

Breakfast really does set you up for a great day. Our busy lifestyles mean that brekky sometimes needs to be eaten on the go.

Check out these grab and go options – perfect for weekdays when time is not on your side.

Quick brekky ideas:

  • Toasted sandwich
  • Fruit tubs
  • Yoghurt sachets
  • Overnight oats (AKA bircher muesli) - soak rolled oats in water. Mix through yoghurt and grated apple. Top with chopped fruit or frozen berries. Portion out into single serves and keep in containers.
  • Blitz a smoothie – start with fruit (frozen works well) and/or vegies, add rolled oats and milk or yoghurt. Take in the car or bus with you.
  • Breakfast bites – dates, oats and seeds blitzed in a food processor and rolled into balls. These will keep for up to a week in the fridge. Grab a couple on your way out the door. Click here for our tasty recipe.
  • Tetra pack of milk
  • Piece of fruit - Mother Nature's ultimate grab and go snack

Keep breakfast foods at work and enjoy at your desk:

  • Oat sachets
  • Fruit toast - keep in the freezer for longevity
  • Yoghurt tubs
  • Tins of baked beans
  • Fresh fruit- fresh or canned
  • Wholegrain cereal such as muesli with reduced fat milk

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