Sample canteen menu

Sample canteen menu

Is your school canteen just starting out? Are you looking for some menu inspiration? 


The ACT Nutrition Support Service has developed a sample canteen menu which meets the National Healthy School Canteen Guidelines and the ACT Public School Food and Drink Policy. The Policy states:

  • The majority of items on the canteen menu should be GREEN (i.e. over 50%) and these should be promoted.
  • AMBER items should form a smaller proportion of the menu items and these should not be actively promoted.
  • No RED items should be available for sale in the canteen.
  • Menus should demonstrate a shift towards the GREEN end of the traffic light spectrum over time. 

The sample menu below has 55 GREEN items (or 77%), 16 AMBER items (or 23%) and does not contain any RED items.

We understand that no two school canteens are the same in terms of capacity, facilities, and experience, so while this sample menu contains predominately items that are made fresh, there are some items which can be substituted for suitable pre-packaged alternatives. Examples include burger patties, chicken nuggets, savoury pastries, pasta and rice dishes. In most instances, pre-packaged alternatives will be AMBER so if you choose to use them, keep in mind that the majority of menu items still need to be GREENFor specific advice on suitable products contact the ACT Nutrition Support Service

Download sample canteen menu.