The secret to healthy eating

The secret to healthy eating

Meal planning is the secret to healthy eating. It can be very difficult to create healthy meals and snacks if their ingredients are not in your pantry. Take a few minutes each week to think about your meals and snacks for the week.

Sounds too hard? Not at all, we have started it for you with our easy tips …

The wonders of meal planning: 

  • Saves time, money and stress
  • Makes shopping easier
  • Encourages food variety & nutritional adequacy
  • Minimises impulsive eating
  • Can reduce household food waste
  • Less reliance on takeaway foods

The how of meal planning:

  • Set aside 10 minutes to plan your meals and snacks for the week
  • Accommodate dietary requirements and food preferences
  • Include any social commitments
  • Stick the meal plan on the fridge for easy reference
  • For nutritious recipes, visit and

Meal planning tips

  • Freeze leftovers into meal portions for another meal during the week
  • Use up any leftover vegetables at the end of the week by making up a batch of soup, stew or stir fry. Omelettes and frittatas are another great way to make the most of leftover vegies.
  • Have a stash of healthy snacks that you can eat on the go. Nuts, dried fruit, small tins of baked beans and fresh fruit all travel well.
  • Don’t be afraid to pack a lunchbox! A packed lunch will save you money and also gives you more control over healthy choices. Use an ice brick or a small frozen water bottle to keep foods safe enough to eat.

A meal plan might look like this ...


Food Group Serves


Porridge made with milk served with fresh/tinned fruit

2 grains

1 dairy and/or alternative

½ fruit


Salad sandwich

-         2 slices whole meal/grain bread

-         Lean meat + salad

Natural yoghurt with sliced fruit

2 grains

1 meat and/or alternative

1 vegetable

1 dairy

½ fruit


Vegetable curry with lentils served with rice

3 serves vegetables

1 meat and/or alternative

2 grains


  • 1 medium piece of seasonal fruit
  • 3 crispbreads and 40g cheese
  • Vegetable sticks with 11/2 tbsp peanut butter

1 fruit

1 dairy and/or alternative

1 meat and/or alternative

1 vegetable

1 grain

Total daily food group serves:

5 vegetables

2 fruit

7 grains

3 meat and/or alternatives

3 dairy and/or alternatives

Click here to download this information as a PDF.

If you are looking for more specific healthy eating advice, tailored to suit you and your lifestyle, we recommend talking to an Accredited Practising Dietitian. Click here to find one near you or go to ACT Health.