Kitchen hacks for non-cooks

Kitchen hacks for non-cooks

Cooking up a delicious meal is very satisfying but what if your food skills are a bit on the low side or you don’t feel confident in the kitchen?

Research tells us that people who cook at home are more likely to have healthier diets consequently achieve and maintain a healthier weight.

Don’t panic – you don’t need to be a gourmet chef or have a kitchen full of fancy equipment to cook up a storm.

Here are some ideas to get you started on the track to home cooking ...

  • Invest in a basic cook book or use the internet to find easy recipes. Check out our simple recipes
  • Master a few straightforward recipes to increase your confidence
  • Kit out your kitchen with key equipment – think a frypan, saucepans, spatula, whisk, wooden spoon, mixing bowl, measuring jug, decent knives and a roasting dish to start with
  • Find a recipe that you can alter to allow a few different meals – master a bolognaise and then use it for spaghetti bolognaise, lasagne, on a jacket potato or flavour with chilli and kidney beans for chilli con carne. Stir-fry is another great dish that you can change slightly for a whole new taste – experiment with sauces and meats such as beef, chicken, pork or try tofu for a meat free version.  
  • Use frozen and canned vegetables in addition to fresh veg to increase your variety and keep convenience.
  • Use eggs as a base to your meal – scrambled eggs, omelettes, frittatas all make nutritious and simple meals
  • Remember it is fine to have a few meals on high repetition until you feel ready to try something different

Meal ideas to get you in the kitchen when you need healthy in a hurry …

  • Avocado or egg on multigrain toast (sprinkle with feta and chilli to be fancy)
  • Baked beans with scrambled eggs
  • Jacket potato (microwave for 5 minutes) with tinned tuna/salmon or baked beans or 3 bean mix and grated cheese
  • Bean salad using tinned five bean mix, spring onion, feta and cherry tomatoes
  • Microwave rice or noodles with frozen veg and tinned tuna mixed through

Check out our simple and tasty recipes to get you started in the kitchen.

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