Healthier catering options

Healthier catering options

When organising catering:

  • always have water (plain, tap, spring, mineral or sparkling) as the preferred drink choice
  • make reduced  fat milk, yoghurt, cheese the default choices
  • provide fruit and vegetable platters
  • choose unsalted nuts
  • request that sauces, dressing and spreads be served on the side.


Sandwiches, wraps and rolls:

Request the caterer to:

  • provide wholemeal, multigrain or high fibre breads in preference to plain white
  • avoid adding butter or spreads
    - if required choose healthier spreads such as hummus, avocado and reduced fat mayonnaise or a thin scraping of margarine
  • include lots of salad and vegetable fillings
  • use reduced fat cheese and lean, unprocessed meats and alternatives, such as roast beef, skinless chicken, egg and tuna.


Baked Goods:

Request the caterer to:

  • provide small serving sizes
  • not use icing or confectionary e.g. chocolate chips
  • minimise the use of sugar, honey or syrups
  • base baked goods on mostly on wholemeal flour and use fruit or vegetable ingredients e.g. banana or carrot/zucchini.


Hot finger foods

Request the caterer to provide:

  • oven baked products instead of deep-fried e.g. oven  baked potato wedges
  • a range of filo pastries instead of puff or shortcrust e.g. spinach and ricotta parcels
  • egg based options such as vegetable frittatas or zucchini slice
  • savoury pancakes.

Avoid or minimise the use of salt in preparation


Light bites

Request the caterer to provide:

  • rice paper rolls with lots of vegetable fillings instead of deep-fried spring rolls
  • sushi pieces without battered or crumbed fillings
  • legume (e.g. hummus), reduced fat dairy (e.g. tzatziki), vegetable (e.g. carrot/beetroot) or salsa dips with vegetable crudités or wholegrain crackers
  • vegetable and ricotta filled wonton cups.


Limit foods and drinks that are high in fat, sugar and salt, including:

  • fried or deep-fried foods
  • butter or cream
  • processed meats such as bacon, salami and devon
  • croissants, donuts and sweet pastries
  • chips, crisps and other similar products
  • chocolate, lollies and confectionary products
  • iced or cream-filled biscuits and cream cakes
  • soft drinks and other sugary drinks including cordial.


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