Fruit based snacks for kids

Fruit based snacks for kids

Fruit is an essential part of the diet and is an easy, quick and healthy snack option for adults and children alike. Packaged and processed fruit products such as concentrates, pastes and purees can contain high levels of sugar.
Try for 1-1.5 serves of fruit a day for younger children and 2 serves per day for school-age children.
5 reasons to choose fresh fruit.

1. Lower levels of sugar

Fresh fruit contains less sugar than packaged and processed fruit products. Although packaged and processed fruit products contain naturally occurring sugars, these levels are considerably higher than the levels found in the fruit in their original forms and these products can also include added sugars. Very high levels of sugar, such as in packaged and processed fruit products, have been associated with dental decay in children.

2. Additional nutrients

Fresh fruit contains many other important nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals and fibre which are usually lost in the production of packaged and processed fruit products.

3. Taste buds

Children’s taste buds can become accustomed to extremely sweet foods and trained to accept and seek these options. This may cause children to reject natural, less sweet foods.

4. Speech and chewing

The chewing movements involved in eating fresh fruit helps in the development of the jaw and facial muscles that allow us to speak clearly and safely eat a variety of textures. As a result, eating fresh fruit can help avoid issues with speech and chewing.

5. Easy snack choice

Fresh fruit is the quick, no fuss option. Mother nature has packaged fruit already as a handy snack!


Fruit doesn't have to be boring - Try some of these easy recipes!




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