Creative lunchbox ideas

Creative lunchbox ideas

Looking for some new ideas to beat the boomerang sandwich (the sandwich that leaves home in the lunchbox and returns again untouched)? Check out our tips below to create tasty, exciting and healthy lunchboxes!


Beyond the sandwich

- savoury muffins
- noodle cakes
- zucchini slice
- vegetarian quiche or frittata
homemade pizza
rice paper rolls
- soup with a multigrain roll
- couscous, bean, rice or pasta salads
- healthy homemade sausage or spinach and ricotta rolls


Snack ideas  

- vegetable dippers (capsicum, celery, carrot, cucumber, baby corn spears) with choice of dips (hummus, beetroot, salsa)
- slice of banana bread or a fruit scone
- vegie pikelets 
- pita crisps with hummus
- ants on a log 
- wholegrain crackers or crispbread with reduced fat cheese


- fruit salad tub
reduced fat yoghurt yoghurt pouch or tub
- apple slice or scroll
- popcorn mix
- corn on the cob
- hard boiled eggs
- reduced fat cheese cubes or sticks 



Don't forget!  

- to keep food cool, place a frozen water bottle in the lunchbox or use an insulated lunchbox
- store packed lunchboxes in the fridge overnight


For more lunchbox ideas and inspiration check out the recipes on the website at 


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